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Reel Breakdown

the Pacific

  • 1 – 529 Soldier surveys the stadium for the first time. Modeled the set extension in Maya as well as tracked the camera using Syntheyes.
  • 530 – 643 Machine gun nest explosion. Augmented explosion with more particle debris, more smoke, blood spray and flying body parts.
  • 644 – 1528 Multiple shots with planes overhead and landing. Modeled, animated, illuminated and renderd the planes. Also tracked and animated the cameras.
  • 1529 – 1642 Tank explosion on battlefield. Modeled and textured entire tank. Animated, lit and rendered turret. I also enhanced the explosion with simulated smoke and debris particles from Maya.


  • 1643 – 1901 180° shot of train colliding into airborne car. I modeled, textured and animated the car, debris and set. I was also responsible for all set photo-gramatry, camera setup and camera animation blending into the cut.
  • 1902 – 2082 Nick Cage dodging a tumbling car in canyon. I modeled, rigged, animated, lit and rendered all of 3d elements including the collision geo which was also used for shadow information. I also tracked the camera. The truck model, however, was CyberScan.

Nim’s Island

  • 2083 – 2188 Rebuilt boulder shot. The first clip is the o-scan followed by the director’s revisions where I replaced nearly 100% of the plate. I was responsible for modeling, texturing and animating the boulder hitting then cracking the ground.
  • 2189 – 2492 Boulder starting avalanche. I was responsible for modeling, texturing, animating the boulders to match the look of the matte painting. I used simulated Maya particles and ridgid bodies for small debris and dust.

Old Dogs

  • 2493 – 2806 John Travolta’s drug induced facial spasms. Modeled and object-tracked 3D face geometry and texture re-projection for face warp. I modeled, MEL scripted the texture re-projection tool, rigged and animated the eyebrow, eyelid and cheek. I developed this method after the director was unsatisfied with the 2D grid warped version that was initially requested.

Crazy on the Outside

  • 2494 – 3163 Crash zoom on Tim Allen’s mechanical heart. I was responsible for the 3D beating heart and internal pumping machinery with “anger” pressure gauge. I modeled, textured, rigged, lit, animated and rendered these elements.


  • 3164 – 4371 Nike NFL commercial for NFL apparel. I was responsible for the rigging of the cloth seams on laser cutting and welding shots. I also helped develop the materials and lighting.


  • 4372 – 6060 Gear4 UnityRemote commercial. This shot was conceptual and all items created from scratch. I wrote Python and MEL scripts to complete the majority of the animation procedurally. The remainder I key-frame animated.

Maya Misc
The following are classroom demos I created as learning tools while teaching at Ex’pression College for Digital Art

  • 6061 – 6165 blendShape Test. This is a face rigging I created after reading Stop Staring by Jason Osipa. I modeled the head and blendShapes and connected them to the rigging.
  • 6166 – 6290 Cat Yawn Study. This is a study I completed using joint animation and corrective blendShapes.
  • 6291 – 6440 IK / FK Blend Rig Test. This is a biped rig demonstrating blending between inverse kinematics and froward kinematics.


  • 6441 – 10318 While working in the pharmaseutical field of animation at Eveo, I contributed on many award winning MOA (mechanism of action) short films geared towards medical professionals. These are a collection of shots from my time in “Pharma.”
  • As CG lead I modeled, rigged, and animated nearly all elements in each shots in this sequence. I scripted several Python tools to assist in the procedural animation and deformation of the characters and particles. Also I Simulated all the nDynamics (cloth and particles).

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